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The Story Of Mission Market

Posted by Jon Nunnenkamp on

The Story of Mission Market

The Story of Mission Market

So, if you have come across our site recently mission-market.com, you may have looked around a bit and maybe said that's cool, or I like that and then left or maybe you’re part of the few that have made a purchase, and for the customers that have made a purchase, we thank you so much for your patronage.  I am sure there is a big group of people that have never even heard of Mission Market or people that have been to the site and said that’s nice but I don’t see anything for me and that’s fine too.  I am writing this post to share a bit about our story and talk about how Mission Market came to be and I am doing it to share the feelings and emotions that went into it.

Everyone has Dreams, Goals, or Ambitions

Everyone at some point in their life has had a dream, goal or desire to achieve something and I am no different.  Like many people, I also struggled (and still do) with the age old problems of how am I going to do it?  When do I have time to do it?  What if I fail? and so on.  There can seem like an endless string of road blocks or brick walls in our way when it comes to taking action to accomplish the vision that keeps popping up in our head.  To top it all off, with social media, youtube and countless other outlets on the internet, there seems to always be a guru, expert, or all knowing being that has all the answers, quotes, or one liners to make it seem simple.  Well there is plenty of hocus pocus, schemes, and miss information out there as well as plenty of good information, but there is one thing that they all, at their core, are correct about;

In Order to Accomplish Anything YOU MUST TAKE ACTION

The one thing that had always gotten in the way of accomplishing any of the dreams I had was actually taking action.  There had been plenty of times I thought I was taking action by planning, brainstorming, and thinking about what I was going to do but these are all ways our brains trick us into thinking we are doing something when in actuality we are procrastinating and playing it safe because fear of failure or fear of discomfort has crept in and caused our brains to trigger our “self-protect mode” and we go with the devil we know instead of the unknown.  

Feelings of Pointlessness and Trying to Find Meaning in My Life

The feelings of not knowing how, lack of time, and fear of failure happened to me over and over which turned into, among other things, feelings of pointlessness and trying to figure out where the purpose was in my life.  My wife and I have struggled for a decade to try and have a family and at this point, unless we adopt or pursue even more expensive measures, it doesn’t seem likely.  My job didn’t bring me much joy.  I made decent money, but for the most part, in the sales positions I was in, the more money I made, the less joy I felt because it usually came at the expense of the customers I was trying to help.  So working 8-10 hr days, 5 days a week, 260 days a year in sales positions that made me feel worse and not having children to provide for, to at least make me feel like my work had meaning, led to some pretty low points over the past 10 years.

The Idea

One of the ideas or visions that kept popping in my head was how can I create something that will not only provide a way to get me out of the industry I was in but also create something that could produce resources to help others in need?  So that vision eventually turned into, what if I could create a marketplace where a portion of every dollar generated would go to a charitable organization, group or person in need?  This idea had been on my brain for probably over half a year before the kick-in-the-butt (COVID-19) came and actually forced action otherwise it may have never happened, just like countless other ideas that fell victim to the Lack-of-Action problem.  Now, because of the pandemic, Mission Market doesn’t look quite like we envisioned yet since it has been hard to create partnerships and network with producers, creators, and other entrepreneurs but the one thing that has happened is we made it out of the gate and the creators, partners, and providers we have started working with offer some really great products.  Some of the products we produce and design ourselves and others are produced by our partners.  One thing we have tried to do is offer products that fit our joy’s and beliefs like travel, adventure, country and taking action as well as bohemian style home and lifestyle options. The best part so far has been the journey, going after something that matters, and the feeling of accomplishment when we have been able to help others.  We are by no means a finished product or claim to have all the answers but I want to encourage supporters to give us ideas for products or suggest organizations or people we can donate time or resources to.

Thank you to our customers and future customers, and hopefully you will let serving you be our next Mission!

Jon & Nicci